MikroVeda LIFE PUR Organic Microorganisms Complex Ferment

41.80 Incl BTW

Your individual microbiome balance

Finely tuned microorganism complex as a complex ferment in organic quality.
The natural contribution to the development and care of your microbiome. Ur-natural, compatible and without side effects.
With its fine sweet and sour taste and compressed list of ingredients, it is ideal for beginners.


Product information

25 ml of Microorganism Complex Ferment corresponds to approximately 2.5 billion germs, or 2.5 x 10 to the 9th power of cfu (colony forming units), Reishi / Ling Zhi 2.5 mg (shiny patent fungus, Ganoderma lucidum) and grape seed flour 2.5 mg (contains OPC).

Nutritional values per 25 ml
Calorific value 6.25 kJ / 1.5 kcal, protein 0.00 g, carbohydrates 0.38 g (of which sugar 0.21g), fiber < 0.17 g, fats 0.00 g (of which saturated 0.00 g), salt 0.00 g.

Recommended intake
Up to 25 ml daily – equivalent to 2 tablespoons – before or between meals, pure or stirred into drink. Start with a small amount of 1 teaspoon and increase the daily dose as you feel comfortable.
Cure: Drink 15-25 ml daily several times a year for 1-2 months.
Gentle intestinal cleansing: Drink 25-45 ml daily for up to 7 days if needed. Without laxative!

Storage and shelf life
Before opening: Store in a dry, dark place at maximum room temperature; shelf life according to batch label.

After opening: Store in a dry, dark, cool place; use within 6 weeks of opening. Rely on your nose: if the product still smells good and as always, it is still edible.

Proven user tips

  • Alternatively, the daily doses can be mixed with still mineral water or, for example, grape juice before taking.
  • 0.5 liters is sufficient for about 2-3 weeks, as needed; 1 liter for about 4-5 weeks, as needed.
  • For a longer shelf life: it is best to store the product bottle upright and do not drink directly from the bottle.
  • If the bottle fizzes when opened, this is a sign that some carbon dioxide has formed. This does not reduce the quality and shelf life.
  • Any white yeast particles that may appear on the surface do not affect the quality of this product; on the contrary, the now visible yeast particles are actually beneficial.
  • In case of uncertainty, the daily dosage can also be slowly increased, starting with one teaspoon (approx. 5 ml) per day in the first week, then increasing to two tablespoons (approx. 25 ml) from the second week.
  • Pregnant women, nursing mothers and children (from the time of giving solid food) can also take the product.
  • No side effects with other medications are expected. However, during a therapy with medications, talk to your doctor about the additional intake of our products.
  • Liquid ferments have the great advantage over capsules that they are absorbed directly through the mucous membranes in the mouth and can act. The majority of our microorganisms survive the passage through the stomach and reach the intestine alive.
  • A complementary intake of our products to antibiotic therapy is useful, because directly during the killing of bacteria by antibiotics, the supplied “good” bacteria can repopulate the microbiome, so that a bacterial imbalance or lack of diversity can be prevented.
  • Also, sometimes discontinue or alternate with another MikroVeda ferment after a few weeks/months of use. (Example LIFE and LIFE PUR in alternation


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